Thursday, November 19, 2009

Feminism and Femininity are NOT

I repeat NOT mutually exclusive!

Sorry dear blogsphere I have been very silent lately the power in the bombshell has had me traveling all over the country. I am back armed with new material. Let’s start with this latest article on the BUST magazine blog….

“Et tu Jessica? “BUST not feminist?” Really?”

The gist of the article is that Jessica Valenti, editor of, was asked what publication she compares herself with and she answered: “There’s Ms. Magazine and there’s Bitch. Bust used to be a feminist magazine, but now it’s more crafty and about making things out of yarn. I’m not a D.I.Y. feminist…..”

Is she for real? Clearly she has not picked up a bust magazine in a long time to notice the variety of content from the women empowering articles to the kick arse news. All that aside what does this say about Ms Valenti, she clearly is a feminist without the feminine! BUST magazine is a “girly” empowerment mag. In their about section they describe themselves as “With an attitude that is fierce, funny and proud to be female…” This is not a blogatorial for BUST mag, yes the magazine is one of my favorites. Instead let’s “BUST” the social statement that Ms Valenti is trying to say.

If you are a feminist you cannot be crafty…why not? Arts and crafts have given and are giving women all over the world for centuries a chance to work even if confined in their own home. The cottage industry is the reason so many women have had a chance to start careers without an education, and who are unwelcome in the male working environment.

Now I am not crafty at all, Paint By Numbers is even too much for me to accomplish. But I admire crafty women; they have a talent that should be embraced not staunched because they are feminists. Feminism has so many degrees and so many interpretations. We have evolved from the feminists of the 70s who used shock tactics to get their voices heard, and thank goodness for those ladies! Do not forget the feminists of the 80s who wore men’s suits to try and be equal in the work environment. In today’s world we are still fighting for the cause but we are also embracing what and who we are. WOMEN! Beautiful, talented, crafty and intelligent women! I am sure if Ms Valenti knew I adore aprons she would deny me the right to be a feminist….Now I love my aprons they are so fabulous to wear while serving decadent cocktails at parties! Ms Valenti would never know that I am a product of a male dominated home where my education was always considered less important and I was told to pick a career based on the potential to meet the right husband and start producing babies……well we all know that was a good reason to succeed in my career and marry an artist who cooks.

In honor of Ms Valenti’s comment may I suggest a holiday shopping idea: HandCrafting Justice a group that works with women struggling for economic justice and independence in the developing world by marketing and selling their handcrafts.......Now if that is not Feminism what is?