Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sorority Girls offensive Fundraiser!

The ladies of Kappa Phi Lambda decided to organize a fundraiser for the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women and NAPAWF. Lovely and very nice of them to offer.....the problem lies in the ridiculous, insulting and simply offensive theme of the event.....Wait for it here it comes...these bright young things decided to have a party where women dressed up in naughty, sexy and slutty uniforms "Women in the Forces: Independent Women Get Out on the Dance Floor! Basically they are inviting women to sexually objectify themselves to help women who are forced into sexual exploitation!

Does this not sound just plain wrong! We have the right to choose how we live our lives, how we make an income and how we dress....yes we choose this. But how can it be okay to consciously choose to be objectified by men when there are thousands of women in the world forced to fulfill men's sexual fantasies. Not by choice!!!! They have no Choice...but we do!!! Early feminists burnt bras...I think our generation needs to burn the slutty costumes!!!!

I read this story on the Bust blog ( It is an interesting article and worth reading as the author questions all her choices and tries to decide where the thin line is. This event brought up the question of make-up, heels and mini skirts are also considered to be submitting to male objectification and capitalist patriarchal society? This just goes back to the same old issue of feminism vs femininity. We can be feminists and look gorgeous by dressing the way we feel comfortable. But naughty slutty Halloween costumes are for girls looking to turn men on instead of feeling comfortable and confident in themselves. As you all know I love clothes, shoes, makeup and hair products. My boobs are not in your face and my derrière is not hanging out as I gyrate on the dance floor......Now that is dressing to get male's attention!
Kappa Phi Lambda I really hope you are not a sign of younger feminists to come......

Morning the loss of Pioneer Aviatrix Elinor Smith

This week has been chock full of Power Bombshell news, but before I comment on any of this news I want to honor, remember and recognize Elinor Smith.

Elinor Smith was a daring and defiant pilot during the 20s and 30s when women were not known for their flying expertise. She was known as the Flying Flapper of Freeport, and she flew most of her life, even landing an experimental flight at 89. She made her fame at age 16 when she was already working as a pilot, ferrying passengers between Long Island and Roosevelt Island. A few male friends of hers dared her into taking off on her own. She flew west, then south, dipping under the Queensborough, the Williamsburg, the Manhattan and the Brooklyn bridge. The next day the Times reported that “Miss Smith was informed by the Department of Commerce that they might ‘ground’ her for her stunt, but she said that she would rather take that chance than disappoint a number of persons who had expected her to carry out her plan.

Now who does not love a defiant Aviatrix!