Thursday, August 20, 2009

To Take His Name or To Not Take His Name....

Now that my friends is the real question. I just read this article in BUST magazine about a study that was recently done. The researches found that 71% of Americans think women should take their spouses name after marriage. Half of the respondents said the act should be a legal requirement......

A legal requirement is obserd, truly antiquated. In today's world the majority of these women getting married are successful business women who have professional reputations at stake. It is hard enough climbing the corporate ladder as a woman and trying to get recognized, to then go ahead and change ones name midway up.....might as well start at the bottom of that ladder ladies!

I am a married woman, I am also a very successful business woman prior to marriage. My solution was, partly inspired by my female boss, and finding the balance between my personal and professional lives. I love my name, my middle name and my last name, but I do love my husband. I know it is hard for men or at least it takes a special man to share the pants in the house. So to keep my professional reputation I kept my last name for business purposes. Legally and personally I changed my last name to my middle name and took his last name as my legal last name. I was able to retain my identity as a professional woman yet still make my husband feel loved. He would have accepted my choice either way, but I think this was an extra special treat for him. When ever I initial anything I use all initials…AMBJ Oh and for the record I refused to change my personal email address I still have my old last name in my email address…

Sunday, August 16, 2009

DC Comic's Women of Power All Dolled Up!

December 2008 Tonner Doll Company released their Women of Power series where they dolled up (no pun intended) five of the most beautiful DC Comic female characters. These stunning yet deadly and dangerous DC Comic women are dressed up to go out and dazzle. All of their evening dresses are based on their comic character's costume and personality. They are stunning complete with all the necessary accessories. Black Canary, also know as the Blonde Bombshell of the comic world, is my personal favorite.

She was one of the first female heroines to hold her own with the male super heroes. She was seen as an equal and she was initially created as a tough and intelligent women in and out of costume. In the age of her creation most female characters were the damsels in distress or an excuse to include sexual innuendos.

I am not sure if it is because she is dressed all in black or if it is the diamond like earrings and black slingbacks she gets to wear. She is truly fabulous. Tonner did a fantastic job dressing her up to kill.....not that she would kill anyone in her evening gown.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hello Blogsphere The Power Bombshell is here. This has been an idea in the making for many years now. It all started when I was in the dating scene in New York City. I could not understand why I was having such a tough time dating. I am smart, attractive, fun, outgoing, with a great sense of style and fascinated by life. This all sounds great, right? This is what most people put on their dating sites for the person they want to meet. The question kept irking me why did all the dates I went on completely fail? I looked around at the girls who kept getting in relationships, met nice guys and it suddenly dawned on me. We live in a society that labels everything so that it is easier to generalize and act according to the general rule. Labels are societies set of instructions. Women are labeled in two ways first the adorable sweet young thing that wants nothing more than to get married, be taken care of by a man and make a family. The second woman is the classic business suit wearing power woman of the eighties. Don’t you dare open doors for her as she will be insulted, or pay for her dinner as she makes her own money. Society does not know how to handle the modern hybrid. I like to call this woman the Power Bombshell. She is sassy, charming and loves being spoiled, but she has a brain and loves using it. She encourages challenging conversations and is on top of what is going on in the world today. She might dress in gorgeous 50s dress that simply oozes feminine ways of the past, but is firmly planted in today’s world with a career, success and recognition. This blog is a place to honor these women, and for fellow Power Bomshells to unite.