Sunday, August 16, 2009

DC Comic's Women of Power All Dolled Up!

December 2008 Tonner Doll Company released their Women of Power series where they dolled up (no pun intended) five of the most beautiful DC Comic female characters. These stunning yet deadly and dangerous DC Comic women are dressed up to go out and dazzle. All of their evening dresses are based on their comic character's costume and personality. They are stunning complete with all the necessary accessories. Black Canary, also know as the Blonde Bombshell of the comic world, is my personal favorite.

She was one of the first female heroines to hold her own with the male super heroes. She was seen as an equal and she was initially created as a tough and intelligent women in and out of costume. In the age of her creation most female characters were the damsels in distress or an excuse to include sexual innuendos.

I am not sure if it is because she is dressed all in black or if it is the diamond like earrings and black slingbacks she gets to wear. She is truly fabulous. Tonner did a fantastic job dressing her up to kill.....not that she would kill anyone in her evening gown.

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