Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Manicured tips a must achieve...

As the joke goes:

"A manicurist glances at her client's nails and says my goodness have you been clawing your way to the top....."

One challenge we Power Bombshells are tasked with is looking impeccably beautiful at all times while working up the corporate ladder and juggling an over active social life!

I sit here in my office painting my nails! How cliché of a 1950s secretary! But I am not a secretary on the contrary I am a successful woman in an office with a view of Times Square. My door is closed as I would not want my reputation jeopardized. Nor to lose any respect from fellow male colleagues, who would jump at the opportunity to diminish me. This situation is rare and far between, but I find myself in a bit of a time crunch. A typical Power Bombshell crunch. I have to catch a 647 am train tomorrow morning to an event where I have been invited to talk by none other than the US government. I have had no time to get a mani at my local nail salon, as I am rarely home before closing. I really do not have a lunch hour to speak of to run down to Rockefeller Center for a power manicure. After work this evening I will be attending a swanky Macallan tasting and presentation, by the time I get home it would be too late for my nails to dry. The last thing I want is to have chipped nails, or sheet imprinted tips while I discuss export assistance to US business men. As we all know bare nails, or un-manicured nails are not in our vocabulary. So I sit here in my office typing email responses with my wet red nails pointed to the heavens hoping they dry in time before the phone rings or a meeting is called....

Cross dresser's well manicured nails

These are the moments when I sit back and smile at my accomplishments. Yes it is the small and sometimes frivolous actions that make you realize how good one has it. These moments when multitasking comes to the rescue so the stylish image that compliments the intellect is presented flawlessly to the outside world. The Power Bombshells that we are always manage to pull off the whole package without the rest of the world knowing our hurdles.


  1. There was a girl that worked here who would paint her nails at the end of a row desk out in the open, when there was work for her to do...and she wondered why she got fired?!?

  2. Love what you're doing!

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  3. I'm back and I sure wish you posted more! I need some of your power!

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