Friday, August 5, 2011

Third Installment of Day One.........

My doctor had the same reaction of absolute bewilderment; he had never seen me in such a state. Thankfully my bestie, is well who she is. He had no choice but to listen to her hand over the prescription and we were out of the office in minutes. Back to the check list. The afternoon is approaching and the pickup time for our drive to Philly is nearing. The text start coming in from him:

"What time will you be home from work?"...........really I mean thank you yes I am a strong person but even I cannot handle this situation.....
"Do you want salad for dinner?"..........yes please with a side of heinous crimes would be ideal!

I looked at my bff and said am I crazy. The part I have not mentioned is the FBI had sent two agents in the morning to his work. They questioned him, he reassured them of my innocence and he confessed to them. I was in the room when the two agents called my house to inform the lead agent of the outcome. The lead agent asked if he was coming back with them for me.........the lead agent said I see....well does he want to talk to, really....okay well then you two come back we have it from here. 

Yes you are reading this correctly, he did not come back to check on me, he did not even call.......he knew I was there in "our" home with 9 agents tearing down our life and exposing his lies. 

He waited a suitable amount of time, the agents had left and my bestie was on her way. He sent a text:
B: Are you and the animals okay?
A: Yip
B: What did they take?
A: all your computers?
B: and the pc?
A: My laptop no. That was clean.
B: No my pc?
A: What pc?
B: Mine?
A: Is it true? what they are saying about  you?
B: Yes well some of it. 
A: I have to go we will talk later

That is the amount of concern for me, Moli and the cats he had. Then to assume I went to the office, to assume I would want to ever look at him again. He makes me sick to my stomach a cold heinous socio path is what he really is. But at that time I was so confused. I mean was I over reacting? I packed up and ran. I did not think about my actions. I took flight……did I just over react? Did I ruin my marriage? My bestie looks at me and says….a line that has been continuously repeated……

Honestly if you were to run down the street screaming with a butcher’s knife you still would not be over reacting……..Okay so I did not over react. Check!

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